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Ristorante Pappagallo

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Observation Deck

As you cross the bridge before entering the restaurant, you will notice the sweeping views of a saltwater pond that wraps itself around the restaurant, with tropical fish visible in the water, local wildlife, iguanas, wild birds and the gentle noise of a tropical waterfall.

This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Island breezes, before or after dinner.

Also available for private cocktail parties.


Local coral stone, granite, bamboo, marble and mahogany are elegantly combined to create a unique island feeling. Located between the Pappagallo and Flamingo Room, this elegant bar is the perfect place to meet before dinner.

With a great selection of fine spirits, ports, frozen favorites, house specials, and a large selection of wine by the glass, enjoy a refreshing mojito or planters punch.

Pappagallo Room

This is the smallest and more intimate of our dining rooms usually used for private parties. It is fully air–conditioned and displays live sets of tropical parrots in each of its large windows. This tropical atmosphere is enhanced by the unique and intriguing architecture.

The roof is 30 feet tall at its highest point. All rests in harmony with the rest of the structure and decor, which are mainly constructed of bamboo, ironwood, local stone and exquisite marble.

Garden Patio

Accessible through the Flamingo Room, this screened–in patio is set on the edge of the water, offering a formidable view of the pond and the mangroves, which are bursting with local birds. As with the Flamingo Room, the Patio enjoys a wonderful northeasterly breeze for most of the year.

The roof is built with rustic cedar wood and has been fitted with ceiling fans giving the patio a casual but sophisticated look. At night the lights around the pond are turned on, so that guests can enjoy the wo

Flamingo Room

Designed to take advantage of the prevalent northeasterly breeze this is our main dining area throughout the year with the decor enhanced by tropical style ceiling fans, unique lighting fixtures and elegant wicker furniture.

The roof is Palopa style and is 30 feet tall at its highest point with large windows overlooking the pond. This room could also be air-conditioned during the warm summer months.

Pappagallo’s Map

Pappagallo’s Map